good tings

things that make you happy in life:

family ,friends ,food ,holidays , new places , fresh air, summer sun , freedom and remember, living a life that isn’t lived is a disappointment.



no matter how hard we try in life to prove that everyone is equal there will always be some people in the world that disagree and still think they are more superior. don’t let this stop you from trying even if there is violence. we may be able to convince more people than it may seem. so keep trying and never give up because whether you black, white, brown, mixed race, muslim, christian Mihai, jew, atheist, budist, sikh, hindu we are all human and all have emotions and all have a purpose.

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and thank you for reading I hope you do well

it’s a sad ting

so you might be wondering what kind of blog you’ve stumbled upon, especially since I use the word “ting” a lot.

well it’s different and ting is the slang version of thing. Take the H out. And since slang is the new era of talking imagine a world in the dystopian future where lots of words are shortened into slang.

Mad ting, sad ting gunna get bad ting.



Never ever ever take your friends for granted. They are the people that you grow up with, the people that help your future, the arguments you get help you improve, they are the light you hold to see through the dark and they are the answers to your questions. Have you ever imagined a world without them because I haven’t and I never want to.

As always pass on the message:)



Even though this topic is sooooo boring, I still think its important, because imagine if we were the ones that had to live in a dangerous environment with counties disappearing in floods and acid rain causing skin problems. 50 years from now that could happen but we all might not live through  it, but others will. If we were in their condition we would panic, that’s why its important to take care of the world we live in.

thanks for reading and pass on the message:)